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QA Automation
for Direct Campaigns

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QA Made Simple

Automated Testing

Verify Direct
Campaigns Instantly

70% Reduction in
QA & Trafficking Workload

Save time and prevent unnecessary back-and-forth with preverified creative campaigns from the agency. Boost your publishing efficiency by cutting down time from IO to live launch. SpecHub will also send the agency a screenshot of the live campaign for you. Use the time you and your team save to satisfy and optimize more customer campaigns. Imagine what you could do with the extra time.

Customized, Automated & Comprehensive Testing

Don’t get delayed with campaigns that have errors or compliance issues. SpecHub takes a huge workload off your shoulders. SpecHub automatically configures and QAs the ads – HTML5, video ads and more – for both your personalized formats and industry standards. Since SpecHub is built upon the powerful GeoEdge technology, you can be sure that SpecHub conducts more extensive operational, quality and security tests than even the very best manual ad ops team.

Drastically Reduce Time-to-Launch Workflow

You usually want at least five days of lead time to input, test and approve a campaign, right? Here’s the way to shorten that whole process. SpecHub’s automated QA testing streamlines your approval process, so you can handle more customers and ads at a time. In addition, once a campaign is approved and has gone live, SpecHub will automatically update the agency and send a screenshot of the live campaign, saving you follow-up time as well.

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One Unified Dashboard

Stay in the loop on campaign developments from both sides. Unified communication means that neither party winds up in a constant stream of status checks and update requests.At any time, simply log in and you’ll be able to view the campaign’s status, make notes and more. This eliminates those frantic, last-minute emails you’re so familiar sending/receiving.

User Security & Data

Protect your users and ensure that all creatives and landing pages are clean and safe. SpecHub also checks that third-party tracking pixels are secure and scans for all types of possible malware, including malicious code or activities, redirects, and auto downloads. Any time a security threat is detected, the campaign will be marked and failed for submission.

Architected for Scalability

You might be wondering if SpecHub will be able to handle and organize the several agencies you’ll be working with. Good news - whether you’re working with just a few agencies or dozens, it’s easy to share your personalized SpecHub with as many agencies and partners as you please. All your agency contacts have to do is use their own login and submit creatives directly to you. Find out more about how you’ll be able to view all campaigns associated with your account and even drill down into each one.