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Ensure High
Ad Quality

Ad Quality Monitoring for Each Impression

GeoEdge verifies that all your ads are high-quality, clean and fully compliant. You can be confident that your users are protected from all possible ad quality threats such as problems with creative & advertiser quality, operational issues, data leakage & privacy protection and user security. Our powerful ad verification and real-time blocking solution protects your users from all bad ads, whether they are served in video, inside recommendation widgets, mobile or desktop. Only campaigns with bad ads are blocked, rather than entire creatives, so your revenue stream remains uninterrupted.

Block Quality Issues - In Real Time

Now you can protect your users in real-time with our powerful blocking feature. When incidents occur, instead of following instructions from a recommendation engine to keep users secure, real-time blocking immediately takes care of the issue. Your users remain unaffected while you get the insights you need after the incident to make educated business decisions.

Prevent Redirects and Other Interruptive Ads

One of the worst, most interruptive and most intrusive ad techniques is the auto-redirect. Your user comes to your site or app, only to be taken somewhere else, and not by choice. Often, the user then leaves your site for another one. There are many other interruptive ads, like interstitial ads, pop-ups, auto-expand, auto-scroll, autoplay sound, etc. GeoEdge’s detection and real-time blocking solution provides continuous protection for any ad format or type, to ensure only quality ads are served to your users.

Real Time Blocking

Latent Ads

There are many kinds of operationally low-quality ads that can negatively impact your site. One of the most annoying are latent ads, which slow down your site and seriously affect the user’s experience. Utilizing GeoEdge for HTML5 and rich media allows you to detect and block slow ads and many other operational ad quality issues. Each time an operational issue arises, the problematic ad is blocked and another clean, problem-free ad is deployed in its place.

Offensive Ads

Users see these ads all the time: an inappropriately dressed person propositioning them, diet pills that are harmful to the body, or an enticement to an addictive activity. Ads like these frustrate users, can cause them to leave your site and harm your brand’s reputation. GeoEdge performs ongoing monitoring and real-time blocking of your entire programmatic ad inventory so you can prevent offensive and other inappropriate ads from having any impact on visitors.

Continuous GDPR Audits Keep You Compliant

You need to make sure you stay on the right side of the new GDPR laws — but how can you stay compliant if your demand partners aren’t? Our GDPR audit service continuously monitors your ad inventory and provides full visibility into all cookies dropped by your demand partners, ensuring they are consistent with your allowed cookies. For additional critical insight, you get immediate notifications for unallowed cookies and pixels in each ad. With GeoEdge as your trusted GDPR compliance partner, you can navigate Privacy challenges while avoiding the hefty fines and reputational damage associated with non-compliance.

Detect & Remove Bad Ads!

Fast Remediation
of Any Compliance

Easily share and export the relevant information with your team or demand partner for optimal business decision-making results. Now, with our detailed BI report, you can dramatically improve your business relationships with clear, non-refutable data regarding any malvertisement or malware ad campaign. No more ambiguity — the third-party ad serving source of the ad virus is clearly delineated in the GeoEdge reporting system.

Enforce User

Many innocuous ads are infected with dangerous malware. Our ad monitoring tool detects any malicious activity in the pre and post click of the delivery paths and landing pages. Any time a security threat is detected, you are notified immediately and GeoEdge’s Recommendation Engine then recommends the strategy on how best to remediate the threat.

Ensure High Ad Quality

Control of Your
Ad Inventory

Regain control over the ads served by third-party demand partners to guarantee a great user experience each and every impression. With GeoEdge, you have the capability to see your ads in real-time and filter out specific verticals: competitor ads, ads that are too slow, autoplay sound, etc. You can fully customize the solution to fit your brand’s ad quality needs.

By identifying all offensive content, deceptive, and disruptive ads with our ad tag and media scanner, you will be able to guarantee a clean, safe, and engaging user experience.

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